Distinctives: Areas of Focus Within Our Church

Distinctives: Areas of Focus Within Our Church

Grounded in the Scriptures

The Scriptures are the means by which we become equipped to do God’s work.

Empowered by God

We must allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.  This includes developing and exercising our spiritual gifts.

Entrusting to Others

We focus on the work of bringing the Gospel to others and then helping believers grow in the Lord.

Reaching the Next Generation

Each generation must be looking to build up the generation that follows.

Calling Men to be Men

We need men to lead, innovate, accept responsibility and provide an umbrella of protection over our families and church.

Living Out God’s Design for Marriage

Our marriages reflect the relationship between Christ and the Church.  Therefore we must cultivate healthy marriages.

Encouraging Creative Arts

We serve a creative God.  As our culture changes at light speed, we must engage it with fresh new expressions of art that honor God.

Balanced & Blended

We seek balance in our church, family and individual lives.

Our church needs to maintain a balance of sound teaching, evangelism, fellowship, worship, and service.  Acts 2:42

We need balance in our family lives, as we fulfill responsibilities to our spouses, children, and extended family members.

We need balance in our personal lives, managing the fast pace of Northern Virginia, and redeeming for the Lord, the precious  gift of time.

We are a blended church.

Believers in the body of Christ are all different.

We differ culturally and  economically as well as  in personality, in preferences, in past experiences and in abilities.  We celebrate these differences, realizing that under the influence of the Holy Spirit as we blend together, we will see Christ more clearly.