Giving is a love response to what the Lord is doing in our lives.  It is also a practice of good stewardship of the things the Lord has provided.  Like any church, we have expenses that need to be met.  If the Lord leads you to support this ministry there are many ways that friends and members of Arcola Bible Church can give:

  • Giving at Sunday Services
  • Online Giving (credit, debit & EFT)
  • Bank Bill Pay
  • Postal Mail

Giving at Sunday Services

We do not take an offering.  We do not want anyone to feel pressured to give. However, there will be an offering box available near the exit of the worship area.  Simply place your cash or check made payable to Arcola Bible Church in the box labeled “Love Offering.” Please ensure your name and address are clearly labeled on the check so we can properly track your giving for year end tax purposes.

Online Giving

Arcola Bible Church uses a secure and trusted payment provider to support convenient online giving for its friends and members. One-time and recurring donations can be scheduled and managed though our online giving feature. Friends and members have the ability to track all online giving transactions if they choose to sign-up for an online giving account.  Credit, Debit and Electronic Funds Transfer is available.  In the spirit of Proverbs 22:7, responsible use of credit cards is encouraged.

For those who do not wish to create an account to give, you may submit one-time gifts by clicking on the button below.

One-time Giving

Bank Bill Pay

Many banks now offer the convenience of scheduled giving through their online bill pay features.  Typically, once a user provides payee information, checks are automatically printed and mailed to the payee on a one-time or recurring basis.  Contact your bank for more information on using their online payment features.  Use the Arcola Bible Church mailing address below for payee  information.

Postal Mail

You are welcome to mail checks to our current mailing address.  Please do not mail cash.

Arcola Bible Church
25050 Riding Plaza, Suite 130-641
South Riding, VA 20152