We have received several inquiries as to what items are needed for Arcola Bible Church as we move closer to our launch date on January 6th.  Below is a list of items we’ll need to buy or have donated to us for our launch.  If you have gently used items on this list that you are willing to donate to ABC, we will be very grateful.   Some items we wish to buy new, and if you would like to provide a financial gift, you can make a check payable to Arcola Bible Church and designate the money to go to a particular area and/or item.

If you would like to donate or have questions about Nursery items, please contact Mary Cardwell.

If you would like to donate or have questions about Children’s Ministry items, please contact Sue Edwards.

Donations or questions for any other area should be referred to Don Stone.

ItemEst. CostMinistryStatus
Childrens Ministry Curriculum$300ChildrensPurchased
Craft Supplies (crayons,markers,paper,glue,tape,scissors, etc)$80ChildrensPurchased
Dry Erase White board with easel and markers (2)$150ChildrensPurchased
Various age puzzles...ages 3-10$30Childrens
Playdoh & cookie cutters/Playdoh tools$50ChildrensPurchased
Various age board games....ages 3-10$30Childrens
String games - cards & LARGE wooden beads....ages 3-5$20Childrens
Blocks, train tracks, building sets$20Childrens
Bible story board books....ages 3-6$20Childrens
First Aid kit$75ChildrensPurchased
Vacuum - Shark Pro$200Nursery
Mobile Room Dividers$800NurseryPurchased
Portable Storage Cabinets (2)$900Nursery / ChildrensPurchased
Portable Rocking Chairs (2)$100NurseryPurchased
Folding tables (2)$150NurseryFrom school
Toddler Toys$90Nursery
Toddler Books$40Nursery
Toddler puzzles$20Nursery
Baby blankets / burp cloths$40Nursery
Diapers (one pkg of each size) and diaper wipes$150Nursery
Clorox and Hand Wipes, and other cleaning supplies$35Nursery
Snacks - Cheerios and Animal Crackers$10Nursery
Large plastic storage bins (10?)$80All Areas
Folding table$75Welcome DeskPurchased
Bookshelves (need thick shelves for heavy books)$500Office
Laser Printer / Copier$300Office
Sound and Stage Equipment$3,000WorshipPurchased
Projector / TV$2,000Worship